Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Current Projects

I am currently working on several projects for the game "Funny Little Wars" by Padre Paul Wright.  The game is based on "Little Wars" by H. G. Wells. In this blog I will chronicle 5 projects connected with this game. These are:

The construction of specialty figures
The construction of fighting vehicles
The construction of buildings and other terrain
The conversion of non-firing artillery peices into matchstick firing cannon
The development of a campaign which moves the War of 1812 to 1912.

Project Overviews:
Specialty Figures - I am currently working on a surgeon and nurse figure which I hope to be able to reproduce in plastic. These figures use the Prince August Traditional Toy Soldier figure standing at attention as a dolly.

Fighting Vehicles- I found a free paper model of a German Ehrhardt armored car in 1/72 which I am scaling up to 1/32 scale.  This model will be made of cardstock. I will paint the details on the model as opposed to texturing the drawing and printing the details.

Buildings and Terrain - For Christmas, I recieved a software package for designing model railroad buildings.  I have created several building fronts which I plan to use to create a sizeable urban area for an FLW scenario.

Artillery Conversion - I can not afford to buy expensive Britian's guns on Ebay.  However, I have several cheap plastic ones.  I will demonstrate my method of converting these into firing cannon.

The War of 1912 Campaign - The idea for this campaign came about after I found some pictures of various States (and City) Militia units on the internet.  I liked the uniforms and wanted to find a way to incorperate them into the game. I have some of the background material and map work done so far.

In order to keep things straight, I'll use the headings above before each entry.  And so to start....

The War of 1912 Campaign
It's 1912. War rages in Europe. Brittanium attempts to regain the New World colonies it lost almost thirty years before. The Iberian colonies are left mainly to their own devices due the European conflict. This allowed the fledgling Texican Republic to break away from the colony Mehicoe a few years earlier. Meanwhile, in the northwest of the continent, colonists and traders from Nevskia are pushing westward and southward toward lands claimed by Brittanium, Americus, and Iberia.

The War of 1912 pits small armies of various nations against each other in an attempt to gain new tracts of open country or protect the claims they currently have. Americus has a small national army but numerous independent States militias with this rag-tag bunch they hope to stave off attack and prove themselves worthy of being counted on par with the nations of Europe. For Brittanium, the problem is getting their highly trained forces to the theater of operations. They must also be on the lookout for the Gaulic and Cisalpine Republic forces from the West Indies and discontented Gauls in Brittanium’s Mount Royale colony. The Iberia Army has only meager forces to fend off the land hungry Texican filibusters. Nevskia has an opportunity to grab large chunks of the west, but their eye is on seemingly easy pickings of Iberia’s colony on the west coast. Gaul and The Cisalpine Republic are mainly sideline players that could come in if the situation arises. There is also the opportunity for small actions, island hopping in the Caribbean. Finally, there are the Bronze tribes, aboriginal peoples that can fight for any side and against anyone, including other tribes.

This is an alternate history campaign that moves the geo-political situation of 1812 to the technological year of 1912. The focus is on the conflict in North America between Great Britain (Brittanium) and The United States of America (Americus). The causes of the war involved trade restrictions with Gaul and its vassals, the forced inscription of Americus citizens into the Brittanium military, and the opportunity for Americus to get some cheap land while Brittanium is occupied in Europe. It has been expanded to include other nations, so that a wide variety of opponents are available.

Numerous liberties are taken with the political, social, and technological elements of the game. For example the Texican Republic(Texas) would not come into being until many years after the war. The transportation networks are related to those in place during the American Civil War. The uniforms used for the Americus militias are taken from a series of cigarette cards from the turn of the 19th century. Other aspect of the game are taken from the Indian wars of the 1870’s and 1880’s.


Brittanium– The preeminent naval power. Prosecuting the continental war in Europe has taxed the manpower reserves of the home country which may have resulted in the questionable impressments of some Americus citizens.

Army – Use the standard Army Red list.

Americus – A young nation, itching to enter the international stage. The situation with Brittaniumhas presented them the opportunity to do just that. In fact, they would like to control as much of the continent as possible. To this end, Americus can and will find a cause to claim additional territory, even that claimed by other nations.

Americus currently has an alliance with Gaul, However, with Brittanium’s control of the seas, this doesn’t amount to much.

Army – Use the standard Army Red, White, and Blue list.

Iberia – Iberia is in dire straits due to the European war. It has been over-run by Gauland is currently engaged in a guerilla war against the occupying troops. The government is in exile and can offer no support to its American colonies.

Army – Use the standard Army Red/Gold list.

Gaul – Born from the ideals of the Americus revolution, Gaul has had to fight Europe for its very existence. Once secure, it continued to fight Europe to extend its glory. The Emperor is the master of the European landscape and would be the master of more, if not for the mighty Brittanium Navy and the tenacity of the Brittanium Army.

In the American theater, Gaul is a sideline player. It is able to pursue a small war in the Caribbean islands with modest forces that elude the blockade. But other than that, they can only hope that the American war will substantially distract Brittanium and the Emperor can complete his conquest of Europe.

Cisalpine Republic – This not always willing ally of Gaul also has some interest in the Caribbean islands. Their meager holdings here are kept alive by the smuggling efforts of the Red, White, and Blues.

Army – Use the standard Army Purple list.

Portucale – Aside from Nevskia, Portucale is the only independent nation in Europe. They remain independent mainly through the efforts of Brittanium and its military forces. Its alliance with Brittanium has yielded them a benefit. It has been able to keep its colonies relatively secure.

Army – Use the standard Army Red/Gold list.

Nevskia – Up till now, Nevskia has made great inroads into the Pacific Northwest at the great expense and misery of the Bronze Tribes of the region. However, how that Gaul has turned its gaze to the east, The Nevskian general staff has all but forgotten its colonies in the far off land. This does not mean that the Nevskian colonials have given up on expansion, however. These Nevskian Robber Barons are hoping to exploit the problems suffered by Iberia and expand to the warmer climates to the south. Their eastward expansion has also run them afoul of Brittanium and Americus.

Army – Use the standard Army Dark Green list.

Texican Republic- Americus migrants invaded a large tract of the Mehicoe colony of Iberia. They then promised to be good citizens of the colony and promptly revolted to form their own nation. In the process, they claimed a portion of the territory that Americus bought from Gaul 9 years earlier.

Army –

The Empire of San Luna– Don Julian Alvarado once acquired aide from Brittanium to engage in military operations in Mehicoe while Iberia was briefly allied to Gaul. Owing to extreme megalomania and a generally unbalanced mind, Don Julian declared himself “El Supremo” and used the supplies he got from Brittanium to capture the southern end of Mehicoe even though Iberia had turned against the Gauls.

El Supremo will now do everything in his power to maintain control of his empire. His troops are poorly trained and equipped (the supplies he acquired are limited). Woe betide the officer whose troops retire.


Mount Royale – The population of this colony were originally from Gaul. It is believed by Americus that the Gaulic part of the population would like to be out from under the control of Brittanium. However, at this time there is no sign of this.

Army – Use the Army Red, White, and Blue list. Regulars will be organized and equipped like Army Red troops.

Alieska – Entrepreneurs from Country created the Alieska as a trading venture. With a ruthlessness unmatched even by the early Iberia Conquistadores they have exploited the native tribesmen of the region to the limits of their civilizations endurance.

The Promyshlenniki are the leaders of the private armies that Country Dark Green has gobbling up all the territory that they can. Their forces consist of a small core of regular troops. The rest are native levies.

Army –

Canadium – This is the main holding of Brittanium in North America. Canadium firmly supports its home country and will defend its territory against all invaders. The leaders of the colony are not above hiring Bronze Tribe war parties to harass the Americus settlements.

Army – Use the standard Army Red list.

Americus Territories - These lands are sparsely populated by Americus settlers but contain a large number of the Bronze Tribes. The northern territories are a hotbed of activity in the war because they lay along side an area in dispute. The armies of the territories are made up primarily of militia units, with occasional regulars.

Army –

Mehicoe –


Bronze Tribes – These are the indigenous people of the Americas. They have been constantly pushed off of their lands since the first European settlers arrived. In this conflict, as in the past, Bronze warriors have been hired and armed by the warring parties to bolster their troops.

Army –

Disputed Areas – Areas claimed by two are more countries are considered In Dispute. These areas will contain some settlers from each of the nations involved along with the Bronze Tribes of the area. Tensions will be high in areas where the settlers from different countries are in close proximity. The armies in these areas will have the colonial organization of their country of origin.

Islands that change hands often – The islands of the Caribbean have been contested for centuries. Now there are four main players in the region, Brittanium, Gaul, Iberia, and Cisalpine Republic. In this disease ridden part of the world, national alliances are only observed in the dry season, when the regulars sail in to war for a time. For the rest of the year, colonials battle amongst themselves for supremacy, all the while smugglers from Americus make money selling contraband to the highest bidder.


  1. War of 1912 is most intiguing..I await developments with interest!
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