Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pathans and the Northwest Frontier Fort

I have been extremely busy over the last few months with work and moving and such, so I have not been able to update this blog. However. I now have a little time for a short post. So, I will show off my painted AIP Pathans, Sikhs, and the Northwest Frontier fort.

These are my Pathans. The only modifications made are flag bearers.

I repsoitioned the right arm (that was holding binoculars) and replaced the head with one from a prone figure.

The firing plastic field piece came from Patrick ( I wish I knew its origin).The three kneeling gunners are modified from riflemen figures. I repositioned arms and on a couple I replaced the heads with ones from prone figures.

These are the Sikhs. The flag bearer and have modifications. The flag bearer was an extra officer. I moved his pistol to the left hand, bent the right arm, and added the flag. The Bugler was a chap attacking with his rifle butt. I replaced his arms with those made for my Japanese figures.

This is the AIP Fort Kandahar. I added some fine grained sand to my paint to give the building some texture.

I made the watchtower from foamcore board and painted it with the same media as used on the outer walls.

As noted above, I have moved into a much smaller residence with no yard. This means that all my gaming will be done on a 6'x4' table. I think that will work well for this group, but I expect I'll be doing increasingly more activities with my smaller scale miniatures in the future.

However, fear not. Fore I will continue to sculpt new 54mm figures in support of TVAG's Little Warriors line.