Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pathans and the Northwest Frontier Fort

I have been extremely busy over the last few months with work and moving and such, so I have not been able to update this blog. However. I now have a little time for a short post. So, I will show off my painted AIP Pathans, Sikhs, and the Northwest Frontier fort.

These are my Pathans. The only modifications made are flag bearers.

I repsoitioned the right arm (that was holding binoculars) and replaced the head with one from a prone figure.

The firing plastic field piece came from Patrick ( I wish I knew its origin).The three kneeling gunners are modified from riflemen figures. I repositioned arms and on a couple I replaced the heads with ones from prone figures.

These are the Sikhs. The flag bearer and have modifications. The flag bearer was an extra officer. I moved his pistol to the left hand, bent the right arm, and added the flag. The Bugler was a chap attacking with his rifle butt. I replaced his arms with those made for my Japanese figures.

This is the AIP Fort Kandahar. I added some fine grained sand to my paint to give the building some texture.

I made the watchtower from foamcore board and painted it with the same media as used on the outer walls.

As noted above, I have moved into a much smaller residence with no yard. This means that all my gaming will be done on a 6'x4' table. I think that will work well for this group, but I expect I'll be doing increasingly more activities with my smaller scale miniatures in the future.

However, fear not. Fore I will continue to sculpt new 54mm figures in support of TVAG's Little Warriors line.


  1. Terrific stuff !
    I too like the fort.

  2. They look great. Its amazing what 54mm gaming one can fit on a small table with some imagination and compromise. An attack or relief of a for or ambush of a patrol or convoy should all be do-able. Some of the Major General's 2d cardboard mountains would be an ideal addition.


  3. You have a great assemblage of tribesmen. They would have been useful in the recent defence of Bobistan. James O

  4. Sikhs look really good. Nice job Chris!
    Less is More ... Jeff

  5. Chris! You didn't tell me about the most recent update!

    Your "Jolly Gentlemen of The Grim" look restless, with an eye full of business.

    Thanks for posting all this, and let's see if we can't still fight that assault on that fort via Skype, as we had planned.

    I can barely wait to see the first Japanese Army painted up--and mixing it up with my old AIP Roosians!