Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15mm Thirty Years War Infantry

Since I moved back in July to a much smaller locale, I decided to shrink my minis accordingly. To that end, I dragged out my old English Civil War figures and went on-line to find some rules for the period. I looked at many sets, including ones I bought a while back and found that they didn't exactly match what I was reading in the battle descriptions I had read. So, I decided to write my own rules.

In researching my rules, I found that warfare from1600 through the English Civil War was fairly consistant. The only technological advance was the slow adoption of early flintlock type mechanisms. So, the main differences were in organization and drill. These could be represented easily in the rules. With this in mind, I expanded my rules to cover the period from 1600 to around 1660.

Now, having expanded my rules I also needed to expand my collection of 15mm period figures. My current collection contains a mix of Minifig and old Mike's Models English Civil War figures. I have enough of this stuff to make two small armies. Being of limited funds for buying game stuff (and generally cheap), I decided to sculpt the figures I needed. That way I could get what I wanted and have a new line if figures to sell. The pictures below are of the figures I have completed so far.

This is an infantry officer wearing riding boots, broad brimmed hat, and sash.


This is the ensign. The flagstaff is a seperate piece. He wears riding boots (pulled up), sash, and broad brimmed hat.

This musketeer can be used for the English Civil War or any of the troops of the Thirty Years war. He has britches loose about the knees with lace protruding., midlength skirts on his coat, and a broad brimmed hat.
This musketeer wears a montero cap. Otherwise, he is similar to the first.

Here is a french style musketeer. He has britches loose about the knees with lace protruding. He wears a cassock and can be used as a King's Musketeer or Cardinal's Guard. The cassock was not only worn by the French, other armies used it as well.
This man carries a lighter musket or a caliver of an earlier period. He has a short cut coat and britches bound at the knee.

This is a typical germanic musketeer with light musket and stocking cap.
Here is a pikeman with back and breast plate with tassets. He's got a morion helmet and britches bound at the knee. 
This pikeman also has a back and breast plate with tassets. He's got a morion helmet and  britches loose about the knees with lace protruding. 
This pikeman is an armored in the standard fashion. His morion has a high crest.
This is an unarmored pikemen He has britches loose about the knees, in the french fashion.
This unarmored pikeman is dressed in the german fashion.
The heads on all of these figures come off. The plan is to mold the heads seperately so that they can be mixed and matched with any body.
Currently, I am sculpting cavalry so they should be my next post. If you have any comments on what should be added to this line, please let me know.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Painted Japanese Little Warriors

Just a quick post to show off the first samples of the Production models of the Japanese "Little Warriors".

This is the mounted officer.

These are regular cavalry. One with sword and one with flagstaff.

These are dismounted cavalry.

Here is the infantry firing pose with a staff officer and standard bearer.

This is a section of field artillery.

These are sailors, ready for shore duty.

Finally, we have two sailors serving a field piece.

Once the molds for the arms are finished, these guys will be ready for production and sale at TVAG.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pathans and the Northwest Frontier Fort

I have been extremely busy over the last few months with work and moving and such, so I have not been able to update this blog. However. I now have a little time for a short post. So, I will show off my painted AIP Pathans, Sikhs, and the Northwest Frontier fort.

These are my Pathans. The only modifications made are flag bearers.

I repsoitioned the right arm (that was holding binoculars) and replaced the head with one from a prone figure.

The firing plastic field piece came from Patrick ( I wish I knew its origin).The three kneeling gunners are modified from riflemen figures. I repositioned arms and on a couple I replaced the heads with ones from prone figures.

These are the Sikhs. The flag bearer and have modifications. The flag bearer was an extra officer. I moved his pistol to the left hand, bent the right arm, and added the flag. The Bugler was a chap attacking with his rifle butt. I replaced his arms with those made for my Japanese figures.

This is the AIP Fort Kandahar. I added some fine grained sand to my paint to give the building some texture.

I made the watchtower from foamcore board and painted it with the same media as used on the outer walls.

As noted above, I have moved into a much smaller residence with no yard. This means that all my gaming will be done on a 6'x4' table. I think that will work well for this group, but I expect I'll be doing increasingly more activities with my smaller scale miniatures in the future.

However, fear not. Fore I will continue to sculpt new 54mm figures in support of TVAG's Little Warriors line.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A message from winter quarters in Colorado

This winter has been terribly hectic, in both my bussiness and personal life. And its not even half over yet! However, I have managed to sqeeze in some time for hobbies. Now, I've decided to take a few minutes to update my followers on what I've done in the last 3 months.

All of the master figures previously posted here have been sent to be put into molds and it is hoped that they will come available for sale soon. Since then, I have started some new figures. The first two are for the FLW Army Red, White, and Green.

The first two photos are of Alpini. The arms will come from the molds we already have made.

The next two photos are of the Bersaglieri. Here too, the arms will come from the molds we already have made.

These four photos are of the Princess Viktoria Louise figure. Normally I would have just painted this figure, but Patrick found out about it. So. it has also been sent off to be put onto a mold.

This is the Japanese machinegun crew. They will soon be available for purchase (unpainted) from TVAG.

Here are two Japanese staff officers. These too will soon be available for purchase (unpainted) from TVAG.


Three Army Black staff officers are next.The bodies are the dismounted Japanese Cavalry/Officer figure that have had head swaps.  


  This is an Army Red staff officer, using the same body as his Hun counterparts.  


These are Army Red dismounted dragoons (left) and Army Cornflower Blue dismounted dragoons (right). Both figures are Chris Ferree originals.  

Here is the Army Red assault unit. They are casted from the Dutkins WW1 British Infantry mold. The arms on the pistol armed officer are some of mine. I also modified one rifle into a pump shotgun.  

This is a prototype for a light cannnon that I am hoping to make in some quantity. The carriage is from a gun advertized as a "Civil War Cannon". The rest is made from styrene tubes, angles, and sheets. It has an average range of about 8' and shoots fairly straight.   For my next post, I hope to have a bicycle and rider, motorcycle with sidecar and crew, and a couple more Italians done.