Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Figures for The Next Skype Game

 The next Skype FLW game will have close to a division on each side. To meet this goal, I've had to do a lot of work to get troops together. Here are the results of my labors:

First is the Army Red Field Artillery.  These are Prince August castings with modified arms.

These are Prince Attila's Own Leib Grenadiers. They are from a Dutkins WW1 German Infantry mold. This figure is considerably larger that a 54mm and larger than the other WW1 Genman infantry mold I have from them.

These are my Bavarian Jagers. They were made from the Dutkin's American Civil War sharpshooter mold with a head swap from the Dutkin's WW1 German Infantry mold. I then added the crest with Kneadatite. 

Here is my Army Black artillery crew. They are made from the same castings as the Jagers above. However, for these guys I just filed the helmet spike down into a ball and gave them new hands and tools.                     

Finally, this is my Army Black mounted officer. The body is a Dutkin's American Civil War officer and the head is also from a Dutkin's mold. I added the epaulettes and whiskers with Kneadatite. The telescope is made from aluminum and plastic tube. The horse is a cheap plastic one, I believe made by Amaricana. 

All of the flags used were created by Patrick Wilson as were the buildings seen in the background. These are, or will be available through The Virtual Armchair General. The backdrops were hand painted by myself on cardboard boxes that I opened up to lay flat. To use  the backdrops, I tucked the bottom flaps under my table covering and proped them up with chairs. Each panel is about 20" tall and 5' long. This seems to be tall enough to hide most of the clutter in my game room during a Skype game while still allowing me to reach over the backdrop to move figures.

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  1. Lovely and inspiring figures- I look forward to the photos of the next Skype game!
    best wishes