Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Paper Models and Castings

In the attempt to outfit my armies to the hilt, I have continued to design and build paper models for my transport. Below are my latest.

This is the large Army Red staff car. It is based on a 1906 Rolls Royce. The driver is one of my originals with a Prince August head. I added the whiskers.

Here is an Army Red armoured car. It's based on the WWI Rolls Royce armoured car. The machine gun is a plastic (BMC?) model. The spoked wheels are made by wrapping sewing thread around a mattboard tire core. I then glued the printed exterior over the core. The thread is untreated, but still quite strong enough to support the model and then some.

This is the Army Red C-in-C. He is based on a photo of Lord Kitchener.

This is the Army Horizon Blue C-in-C. He is based on a photo of Field Marshall Joffre.

This is the Army Black C-in-C. He is not based on any historical person. He is more an operetic interpretation.

This is the surgeon, featured in previous posts. All of the above figures were casted in resin. I have since found that casting in white metal is an easier and more consistant material to work with.


  1. Chris

    Wonderful stuff. The package of figures for review arrived safely. I will get them in as soon as I can. Do you have colour photos suitable ie high enough res, for printing?


    Mike Blake