Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Figures For Both Armies

In the last month I have had a chance to finish up a number of units that I had started. So, here they are.

These are Army Black hussars. The bodies are Prince August hussars. The heads are of my own design.

Next, are Army Red Lancers. The bodies are my own design. I used them for my Army Black Ulans. The heads are Prince August classic toy soldier foriegn service helmets. The lance pennents and heads are paper. the lance heads were coated in super glue to stiffen them.

Here are the Bavarian "King Ludwig II Leib Grenadiers". These are figures of my own design, as is their flag.

These are Army Red Engineers. The two walking figures use the same body as used on the Bavarian Grenadiers. The two standing bodies are the staff officer available from TVAG. All four have the Prince August head with the foreign service helmet. I added the whiskers.

The truck is a paper model I found on the web as a line drawing, which I scaled and colorized. The boxes in the back of the truck are available from TVAG as well.

Finally, these are the Army Cerise figures which I sculpted. They are painted in early Russo-Japanese War uniforms.


  1. A an absolutely splendid effort Chris! If I had to choose I would say the Bavarians were my favourite with their superb flag.
    best wishes