Thursday, March 24, 2016

Martian Miniatures

To those of you that have been following Rough Riders On Mars!, first let me express my gratitude for you interest in that project. Thank you. Let me assure you that Teddy and the gang will have their hands full of intrigues and hostiles before too much longer, probably about chapter 8 or so.

The idea of Rough Riders On Mars! came to me after I completed the initial draft of my Edison's Conquest Of Mars wargame rules. These rules are somewhat based on the novel by Garret P. Serviss of the same title as well as elements from numerous other sword and planet novels. Currently, the rule book contains 31 pages of background information (without illustrations, which will be added later) 18 pages of game rules, a variant of The Sword And The Flame. I may change the rules to a variant of my Spanish-American war rules, Rough Riders! before publication.

At any rate, I thought that those following my story might like to see what my interpretation of a Martian army would look like. So here is a sneak peek of the 15mm Martians that I hope to one day release through TVAG.

 Here we have a unit of Archers. This is the typical dress of the Martians

These are Martian riflemen.
These are Martian swordsmen.
These are Ma Gongi, A different kind of being that inhabits the swamps of Mars.
Here is the first type of Martian heave cavalry. They are mounted on Ibuezi.

Here is the second type of Martian heavy cavalry. They ride Moa-nui.

Finally, here are Martian mounted infantry riding Moa-iti. I will try to get some photos of the Earthlings up shortly.


  1. Really like those! I hope you get those into production very soon!

  2. I have to catch up on you series - great miniatures though. I found Serviss to be particularly blood thirsty if not quite genocidal towards his martians.