Friday, April 22, 2016

Earthmen On Mars!

Since my free trial of both PhotoShop and Paintshop Pro have run out, I have to take a short break from Rough Riders On Mars! for a bit (until I can buy one of them). So I'll take this time to post some pictures of the Earthlings that will be used for my Edison's Conquest Of Mars! games. These are 15mm figures of my own design (except for British 9pdr which is Minifig and the US and French guns that were designed by Richard Huston).

Edison's Conquest Of Mars! allows for a wide variety of nationalities, however, at this time I have only French, German, British, and American units. Descriptions of the units are provided with the photos.

 Here are the French infantry. They can be either line infantry or foreign legion. These guys began life as full dress Spanish infantry for the Spanish-American war. With the addition of a backpack and tricolor, they have become French.

 Here are French Troupes Coloniales. Originally, these were Spanish service dress in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American war. The paint job was all that was done to convert them into a French unit.

This is a French 75 and crew. The man with the pistol is a regular officer from the Spanish-American war line. The others are modified versions (with shell and binoculars) of the same figure.

 Finally, for the French, is the command set. Included are an officer on foot, an officer mounted on a Moa-iti, a bugler, a drummer, and a standard bearer. The mounted officer is from the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line. The musicians and standard bearer are converted infantry.

 Here are the German infantry. They are from and painted for the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line. 

 These are the same German figures, painted as Bavarians and German dress uniforms.

 Here are German machinegunners. They are modified from Spaniards  in the Spanish-American war line.

This is the German artillery. The gun was modified from one of Richard Huston's WWI line. The crew on the left and center are part of the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line. Originally they were British Zulu War gunners, but they match the uniform from the famous movie. The right figures are the same body with a head swap.

 Finally, the German command. Looking at the center picture, from left to right are, a drummer, the evil officer, an upper level officer, the evil officer mounted on an Ibuezi, a standard bearer, another upper level officer, and a bugler. The standard bearer and the two versions of the evil officer are from the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line.The drummer and bugler are conversions of teh standard bearer. The two senior officers are conversions from naval officers in The Kris And The Flame line.

Of course, if you are going to conquer Mars, you'll need some British redcoats. These are from the Zulu War line.

These are British Marines. Made so by an all blue paint job on the Zulu War British.

 Here are the 1st Martian Volunteer Rifles. They are Stanger Mounted Rifles from the Zulu War line.

These are Her Majesty's 1st and 2nd Martian (Air) Cavalry. In fact, these are more Zulu War volunteer cavalry. The flyers are paper models of my own design.

 This is the British artillery. The crew are from the Zulu War line, the rocket launcher is scratch built, and the gun is a Minifig.

 Now for the British command. All are from the Zulu War line. The buglers are modified artillerist.

 Finally, we get to the Yanks. These are the Rough Riders from the Spanish-American War line.

 The U.S. Marines are from the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line.

 These are U.S. sailors from the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line.

Here's the U.S. heavy weapons group. The Colt machine gun is on the left, in the center is the 3.2" cannon with crew, and the right is the Hotchkiss Rotating Cannon, the Gatling Gun, and the 3.2" cannon. Richard made the guns and I did the crews.

Lastly, are the Colt Machine gun carriage and U.S. command. The Colt Machine gun carriage is from the Pedicaras Alive Or Risuli Dead line. In the center picture, the man in white is a scratch built reporter. There's a mounted and foot version of Teddy (shown in the right picture).

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  1. Very nice work on the troops, I partially like the Rocket Sleds!