Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Army Black

I figure that I'll probably be playing FLW in some sort of solo fashion, so I will need two armies. I have made good progress on my Army Red already, so I decided to start on an opponent. I selected Army Black as my second army. I chose them for two reasons, first they are a good enemy for any other army. Secondly, I wanted to try out the Dutkin molds and the WW1 German Advancing looked like a good figure.

I've completed two units so far. The first I painted as regular Prussians in the 1890's color scheme.
I know they don't have the right collar for the 1890's but hey, this is Army Black. For the next unit, I went to the cigarette cards I posted to the FLW Group to create a Bavarian style unit. I clipped the spike on the helmet then added the woolen crest.


  1. Chris,

    Can you help me by answering a quick question?

    I have looked at the Dutkin site is the 54mm Lil Army stuff actual moulds to buy and create your own or are they ready cast figures??

    Cheers old boy


  2. Al, to answer your question, Yes the Dutkins 54mm Lil Army stuff are molds (with the exception of the trench sections),

  3. Thank you for that Chris. Might just get some of those.

  4. How I understand the appeal of wargaming in 54mm -the scale of the toy soldiers of my childhood! Specially whith the 'Little Wars' approach.

    The collective blog Emperor vs Elector offers a friendly, stimulating "diplomatic and 'flashnews from our country' exchanges " board to creators (currently some 76 contributors) of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations. What about a similar 'League of pre-1914 Imagi-Nations' collective blog?