Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heliograph Team and Caisson

In my continuing endeavor to complete my Army Red Division, I have added two more elements, heliograph teams and caissons.

 The first is a group of 4 heliograph teams (one of which is pictured below). Each team is made up of 3 members, the figures being standard Prince August castings. To these I added the tunic pockets. The pockets are made of plain paper, white glued to the figure. I then primed and painted the figure, which will keep the pockets permanently in place.

I scratch built the heliograph from styrene rods, sheet styrene, floral wire and Kneadatite. The legs are made from the rods. I used a paper hole punch to make the mirrors out of the sheet styrene, and arms for the mirrors are the floral wire. The Kneadatite holds the mirror assembly to the legs.
The caisson was cobbled together using parts from three plastic limbers. The caisson itself uses the axle tree from one limber, which was lengthened with popsicle sticks and sheet styrene. To this a second ammo box was added. The third (complete) limber is used to tow the caisson.