Monday, August 2, 2010

New for Army Red and Army Black

Recently I posted my proposed Division organization for Army Red to the FLW website. I am also working on a division for Army Black (which I hope to post its organization soon). At this point I have most of the combat units completed ( I still have some Army Black combat troops to finish) and I'm am now mainly working on the support troops.

To that end, I've built the following units: The Bavarian Gard Du Corps for Army Black and Artillery Support and Commissary for Army Red.

Here is the Bavarian Gard Du Corps. They were made from the body of the Dutkin's British Horse Guards and the head of a Dutkin's French Napoleonic Chevau-Leger. My only complaint is that the head was a little big for the body.

This is my Army Red Field Artillery command. The rules do not specify a battery command, but I needed someone to hold their flag. I scratch built the rangefinder from styrene rods for the legs, aluminum tubing for the sight and some green putty. The figures are Prince August traditional toy soldiers. The left and right figures stock, with minor modification to the arms. The sighter Was bent at the waist to look through the scope.

Finally, I have my to staffers for the echelon. Again, these are standard Prince August soldiers. The modification to these was the hat. I clipped off the "overhang" on the soft cap and filed it smooth to make the cap.

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