Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Figures

I've been busy working on figuures that will hopefully be for sale soon. Below are some preview photos. Please note that the infantry do not have arms. These are completed, however they will be sacted seperately.

Here are two U.S. Infantry. They are wearing the Montana Peak hat.

This is a British Dragoon. He is outfitted in the colonial style, but will fit in nicely with my Army Red.
These are troops for my new Army Saffron, colonial troops of Army Red. The cavalry is based on a Bengal Lancer. The infantry is based on a later Indian Army uniform.
Here is a Bulgarian Hussar. This figure, and the ones following are based off of pictures obtained from the internet. Their captions gave me the nationality, but little else. Therefore, my descriptions may not be accurate.
This one is a Serbian Regular Cavalryman.
These are Greek infantry. The left figure is (I believe) a Guard Evzone, the right is Regular Infantry.

These are Montenegrins. The top one is Regular Infantry. The bottom tow pictures are of the Reserve Infantry figure.

These four figures are Rumanians. The first is a Guard Hussar, I believe. Next, is a Lancer. The left infantry figure was captions 3rd battalion of Rifles. I don't know if this is the standard Rifle uniform of if the 3rd were special. The right infantry figure is a Regular Infantry.
This is a Turkish Zouave. As I've said above, these picures came with very little information, so any information you can provide would be very helpful.

 This is a cannon that I have designed. The original barrel was made from the spent case of an 8mm Mauser rifle round. The barrel was extended with the cap from a felt tip marker. The wheels ar from the WWI French 75mm cannon mold from Dutkins. The remainder of the carriage is made from sheet styrene and alumininum tube.

Pictured is a casting of the original. It has a brass barrel liner with a smaller alumininum tube in the breech for the plunger opening. I also used an alumininum tube for the axle. The other hardware is made from floral and clothes hanger wire. The firing spring is quite stout and this gun will fire over 20'.

If you would like to see any of these figures in production before the others, let myself and/or Patrick know and we'll see what we can do.

These last two photos are not new figures, I've included them to show off the backdrop that I painted.


  1. Nice ones Chris. I think the Greek infantry in traditional garb are the most unique and I'd like to see these first, followed by Balkan cavalry. The one in two cornered cap might be adaptable to British too. Your Japanese also intrigue me. They would also double as Mexicans.

    Can you tell me a current source for the BMC horses?

  2. Looking really good Chris! You are an inspiration to all of us and as usual you set the bar nice and high. Lovely backdrop and figures "well done." You have given me some good ideas for a cannon of my own design as well. Keep up the good work ... Jeff

  3. We get ours from the following link:

    Go to the bottom of the link.

  4. Chris, a very real triumph - and a real joy. The Balkan figures in particulat are wonderful.

    Very bets wishes, as ever


  5. Really nice work, Chris. I forsee a lot of demand for the Balkan figures and good to see the US represented as well. The Greek regular infantryman could stand in for an Austro-Hungarian as well.