Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Battle of Tolerable Island

Pulau Diterima is a small Polynesian Island in the southernmost part of the chain. It's location between oceanic currents gives the island an almost European climate. The island is an excellent source of guano and has been claimed by both Brittanium and the Rhineland Confederation.

There has been much saber rattling over the rights to the island and diplomatic channels have reached an impass. In order to strengthen their claim to the island, the Confederation has produced a "treaty" alledgedly signed by the "King" of the island. They have also chosen this time to install Fredrich Willhelm XXII (third cousin, twice removed from the Kaiser) as the Provincial Governor of the island. To officiate the event, King Ludwig II and Queen Maria of Bavaria are on the island with a large Confederation military escourt.

As it so happens, Brittanium's ally, the Rajah of Chutneepore has a similar claim to the island and has landed with a mixed corps of Brittanium and Chutneeian soldiers. Each claimant landed on the island  on the same day. One at the harbor on the north end of the island, and the other on the south end. The Rhineland Confederation having landed earlier in the day managed a recon of the area. The Brittanium forces marched inland without the luxury of advanced scouting. The two forces then converged on the town of Whadeehootee.

What happened next was the first battle of Whadeehootee.

Army Red ( Brittanium / Chutneeian corps) deployed on the open ground south of the town.
Army Black Marched down from the north through fields divided by hedges.
As the first shots from Army Black's heavy Krupp guns rang out, one shell found its mark amoung the  Brittanium Territorial Highlanders, taking out 14 of their gallant men.
In Army Red's opening salvo, they scored hits with devestating effects. One struck an Army Black limber, which detonated a second limber and an artillery supply wagon. Out of the 40 gallant guardsmen behind the blast, only 10 survived. Also 4 Bavarian Garde Du Corps were laid low, along with a horse gun crew.
The second shell took out the Bavarian Infantry Brigade staff and half of their heavy gun crew.

As the battle continued, terror rained down from the skys. As the Chutneepore Lancers charged the Bavarian Dragoons, a shell bursted amoung their ranks, destroying the entire unit along with 4 dragoons. The Dragoons then retired to reform. A second shot from the mighty Krupp gun obliterated one of Army red's horse guns along with 7 soldiers of the 2nd Chutneepore Infantry.

Another Elswick 4.7" shell finished off the replacement crew manning the Army Black horse gun in front of the flaming ruins of their limbers.  The surviving Army Black horse guns also destroyed the remaining Army Red horse gun and crew with a well placed shot.

The Army Red sniper was also active during this time. He was able to bag one of the Army Black forward observers. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, an Army Black motorcycle with machinegun moved into position to blast the Brittanium Rifle battalion. The Rifles took 5 casualties from the machinegun before they took out the gunner with return fire.

Army Black was not the only side that took hits in the supply train. The Rajah of Chutneepore lost two of his elephants to artillery fire.

With all the shells flying to the Army Red left, the Dragoons spy some Army Black infantry advancing under cover of the town. The rifles also see what appears to be infantry and possibly a cavalry unit advancing from behind Whadeehootee.


In the town, the Army Black Jagers entered the large building at the end of the main street. The remaining troops on the Confederation right flank maneuvered to the left for a final push through Army Red's mauled 2nd Infantry and Cavalry brigades.

The concealed Jagers and a Spandau opend a whithering fire upon the Brittanium Regular infantry. The Infantry attempted to rush the building, but were punished further by the combined rifle and machinegun fire. As a result they fell back in disorder. At this, the Brittanium Heavy Battery commander turned his to 4.7's on the building and gave it two rounds.

With the Huns distracted by the charge of the Line infantry and the heavy shell fire, the Brittanium Rifle battalion stormed the building. After a tough fight they managed to expell the Jagers, though they suffered more casualties than their foe. On the Army Red left, the Krupp guns did butcher's work, decimating the ranks on that side of the field. Finally, The Conferedation massed all their remaining troops for an assualt which pushed Army Red back on to their transports and out to sea.

This was a Skype battle, with Patrick controlling the Army Red troops via a webcam. I controlled Army Black, moved all the troops according to orders, and fired the guns. Patrick got to roll his own dice for casualties and morale. We used Striker! for smallarms and machinegun fire. We also allowed indirect heavy artillery fire, each heavy battery having forward observers and signalling crew.

The loses in the action were staggering. For Army Red:

Of 6 infantry battalions, 1 was left at full strength and one at half strength. The remaining 4 units were below their Crisis Point.

Of 3 Cavalry Regiments, a total of 10 figures remained.

The entire Horse Artillery Battery was lost.

2 of 3 baggage elephants were lost

2 of 6 Signal crew were lost.

For Army Black:

Of 6 Infantry Battalions, 2 were below their Crisis Point, 1 was at half strength, and 3 were at full strength.

Of 5 Cavalry Regiments, 1 was below its Crisis Point, 1 was at half strength, 2 were damaged but above half strength and one was undamaged.

3 of 4 horse guns and crew and all of their transport were destroyed.

Half of a heavy gun crew was lost.

4 of 8 machinegun crew were lost.

The entire Bavarina Infantry Brigade staff was lost.

All in all, it was great fun spent over two evenings.


  1. Splendid stuff indeed - and beautifully done - a real treat!

  2. It is an imaginative scenario and the buildings look very effective; are they mostly paper ones? James

  3. Looks like the chaps have given each other quit a thrashing. Nice modelling on the figures and the buildings look first rate. Well done!

  4. What an exciting game ! - great write up

  5. Full Credit goes to Chris, lest we forget!

    He worked up the entire scenario, used his own home-made armies of mostly original (and some Prince August, etc, castings), assembled the TVAG buildings, cleared the basement space, created alll the terrain, created the "adjustable" figure bases, created the "Bavarian" flags, converted the plastic elephants, shot the video, kept records, and took the wonderful photos!

    All I had to do was give orders (evidently inadequately), and sit under a rain of shell fire that made Verdun look like a fireworks show at Disney World!

    AND... all this while still finishing up work on the first lines (sic) of figures for "Little Warriors," as well as other work for TVAG.

    Oh, and a full time job, an increasingly large colony of his family in the vicinity, and the "Blue-skying" jibbering of his colleague,

    Patrick Wilson,

  6. What a splendid affair! Stirs the blood just to watch. Well done!


  7. Yes, James those are all paper buildings. Moste are mounted on plain old corrugated boxes. the Bakery is the only one mounted on foamcore board.

    It is my understanding that both armies are sending in reinforcements, so expect a second battle in the near future.