Friday, October 5, 2012

Army Saffron Reinforcements

After the battle of Tolerable Island, I decided that the Army Saffron division needed some reinforcements. Below are some photos of the units that I hav completed.

This is the 1st Gurkha Battalion. This is an original sculpt by myself. They are based on the 1880's uniform.

This is the 1st Mountain Battery. The officer in the left photo is a new original sclupt. The remaining figures are my Indian infratryman with special artillery arms added.
Here is the Army Saffron Infantry Brigade command. The Indian senior officer is the same figure used for the artillery battery commander. The Army Red advisors are made from a staff figure seen in eariler posts. The two right figures have the standard foriegn service helmet. The three on the left have the home service helmet, modified with a larger brim.
These are dismounted Army Black Hussars. The body is that of the Army Red hussar I did a while back. A head swap made them into Army Black troops.

Finally, I have two new officers; one for Army Red and one for Army Black. Both use the Army Cerise dismounted cavalry body. For the Army Red officer (left) I used the foriegn service helmet. For the Army Black officer (right) I used my german dragoon helmet.