Saturday, August 2, 2014

...And Girls of the Better Sort

I was looking through the photos on the FLW group site a while back and noticed that most of the females photographed were participating in what can only be called rather questionable behavior. In fact, they resembled barracksroom harlots more than proper ladies that should adorn a gentleman's field of honor.

This got me to wondering what could be the reason for this. It was my thought that there could be a lack of availability of fashionably clothed women. With that thought in mind, I have created some ladies that may fit the bill.

Each of the bodies is cast without arms or head. I made several sleeve styles that can then be added to the body of choice. The heads on these samples have original sculpts for hair and hats, though I have made several heads that will be put into a mold for casting.

On all of these models, I used Kneadatite to make the collar and neck dressing. This dress is trimmed in velvet with 'Leg of Mutton' sleeves.

The photos above and below use the same body. The additional bits on the dress below were casted and glued into place. These bits will be available when the figures go into production.

Above is a nice looking single breasted suit.

Above is a black satin riding habit. 

Above and below are different versions of the same body

Finally, a fine looking double breasted suit.

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