Monday, October 13, 2014

Some Painted TYW Figures

A while back I posted the sculpts of my Thirty Years War / English Civil Wars range of 15mm figures that I was working on. Well, I finally got around to putting them into a mold and casting them. Below are a few pictures of the painted figures.

I have organized them for a set of rules I'm working on that uses a 1 to 25 figure scale. The units photographed are to go with my ECW armies.
Here is a unit of Royalist horse wearing buff coat. The leader and ensign are wearing armoured hats.
These Parliamentarian cavalry wear a back and breastplate, gauntlet on the left hand, and a variety of helmets.
Here is a Royalist regiment of foote with unarmoured pikemen. The musician for this unit is a drummer. The musketeers have rests for their firearms.
This regiment of foote carries a lighter musket (without rests). The pikemen are armoured in back and breast with tassets.
This is a regiment of unarmoured covenanters.
The final regiment has armoured pikemen, musketeers in stocking caps, and a fifer as a musician.

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